Q. What is VPEP?

A. VPEP stands for Voluntary Product Environmental Profile. A VPEP is a supplier disclosure form that provides vital information on the chemical makeup of products and their environmental impact.

Q. What's the VPEPxchange all about?

A. VPEPxchange is a subscription-based collaboration platform that allows chemical suppliers (VPEP providers) to author and publish VPEPs. Providers can then securely share VPEPs with interested stakeholders such as customers, brands and retailers (VPEP consumers) who download and manage VPEPs in their own document library.

Q. How does VPEP connect Suppliers and Consumers?

A. VPEPxchange tracks the partnerships between providers and consumers so that Providers are notified when new consumers wish to access their VPEPs and Consumers are notified when new or updated VPEPs become available. VPEPxchange also provides an automated system that makes it much easier for providers to create VPEPs and for consumers to manage them. It sure beats trying to do it the old fashioned way.

Q. How do I sign up to create an account?

A. Choose to create either a VPEP Consumer Account or a VPEP Provider Account. The process is very simple, entirely automated and only takes a few minutes.

Q. What do I do if my company is both a VPEP provider and consumer?

A. You will need to create two separate accounts, one that is a Provider and another that is a Consumer. VPEPxchange accounts cannot perform both roles at the same time.

VPEPxchange FAQ